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Session rates

We are specialized in extended sessions and offer the following.

The time frame possibilities are almost endless. From there it exculates to 6hrs, full day (24hrs), or many days. We also have special rates for extended stays (7 or more days). Please enquire regarding these rates.

With two mistresses

1 hour session: 5000 THB

2 hour session: 7000 THB

3 hour session: 9000 THB

6 hour session: 14'000 THB

24 hour session: 24'000 THB

Extra charge for

  • Brown Shower: 2000 THB with 2 Mistresses

  • Mistress wearing a Catsuit: 1000 THB


  • Meals and beverages are included.

  • These are the final rates, there are no other extra charges.

  • Our rates are fixed, means we do not accept bargaining.

  • We do not accept any credit cards or cheques.

  • We accept Thai Baht only.

  • If you are a new slave, a deposit would be required for sessions longer than 24 hours.


Please check also our rates for hotel sessions.


Opening times: 9 am until 9 pm. Everyday.

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